Thursday, 26 March 2009

Hey hey, peeps. Wow is all i can say. Not been on the blog for a couple of days and the followers have jumped by 21 and the comments have been amazing. thank you so much. Just wanted to say special thanks to saskia (view her blog here) for the lovely card she's posted created with the warren printables and papers, truly gorgeous work hun.

Have more in the pipeline including our first competition. which was going to be for the first 500 hits, but am thinking am going to wait for the first 1000, as its all happening to fast.

thanks again people, jo


Saskia said...

Thanks for placing my card on your blog!!!


Jo said...

your welcome hun, i loved it so much! talented!

Anonymous said...

cute card, very pink & sweet I have also made one its on my blog if you'd like a look see!
Helen x

yvonne said...

What a wonderful card, and the freebies, WOW so cute. when i can i wil make a card and show you. oh so sweet they are.A BIG THANK YOU, and wish you well on your blog.

Jo said...

thank you for all the lovely comments, appreciate you guys finding the time to make cards. think i'm gonna like this blogging milarkee!

Peggy said...

Hi Jo (and Saskia)

You card is awesom Saskia, but I already told you that !!!!
Love it !!!!

The image and the papers are great !!!!



Wendy said...

great looking blog even in it early stages.
love your freeby`s so cute, i will make a card with these and pop back with a link.
thanks for sharing

PatR said...

Your blog is looking good and the downloads are great Thank You. Hope to make a card and link back
good Luck
Pat xx