Monday, 24 May 2010

Comp Winner!

So we have some news and a winner of the "name the character"

Winner recieves this kit below.... i guess i should tell you the winner then lol.

Penny D congratulations hun, This new character will now fondly be refered to as Rita. please let me know your email address and i will get this kit off to you asap.

If any of my love bloggers would like to purchase this kit, it's now in the shop. Which brings me neatly on to the fact that the website is now open again yay :) full of new kits characters, digital stamps, design tools, and some more lovely goodies. New prices also, so dont miss this opportunity to be one of the first to go visit.

cherrio for now, back with some more lovely goodies later today. xxx


Penny D. said...

oh! How cool is that!!!? LOL. my email is pennyandbryan [at]

Jo said...

hey Penny have sent your kit out should be with you now. have fun with it xxx

Saskia said...

Congratulations Penny... and Rita!!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

Dawn said...

How fun! Congrats Penny.